Hi Adobe. I know I’ve said some critical things about Flash, and I sure do miss the days when you and Macromedia seemed more focused on creative applications, but I do like this demonstration of a version of Photoshop running on an iPad.

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch tool some time to show this new tool to Cnet recently. In the image above he’s mixing paings using the iPad as a palette, the iPad’s attached to a computer running Photoshop. He also showed some advanced Photoshop editing features running on an (cough) Android-powered Galaxy Tab.

“Back in the old days, people used to mix colors on a palette–a physical palette. We’re looking at whether we can bring that same type of experience to a tablet environment,” Lynch said. “What we’re working on is connecting your mobile devices to your personal computer over a network so that they can work in conjunction with each other,” Lynch said.

“As you can see, we’re trying some different design directions, making stand-alone imaging tools for tablets, as well as companions to Creative Suite apps,” writes Adobe’s John Nack on his blog.

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