Yet more enterprise iLove

Yet more Apple moves in corporate America, where the iPhone and iPad are gaining more traction than the actually pretty good Xserve ever did — it seems Bank of America and Citigroup  are considering whether to let employees use the Apple Inc. phone as an alternative to Research In Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry for corporate e-mail.

From out tips:

At PwC, we go live with iPhone roll-out in January – available to all 30,000 US employees. No word yet on availability to our foreign comrades (roughly 120,000 of them worldwide).

– Talkin’ Bout A Revolution

This is actually quite a big deal as it shows just how far Apple’s come in terms of attracting enterprise shops to its mobile plaforms, and as every former Windows using iPod owner can tell you, you take one step toward Apple and the Mac takes two steps towards you.

Anyway, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has waxed eloquent to say something like 80 percent of the Fortune 500 are looking into iPhone deployment; Gartner yesterday urged enterprises to get involved, and Procter & Gamble Co, General Electric Co. JPMorgan Chase & Co. are all also looking into iPhone use.

“The trials at Bank of America and Citigroup involve more than 1,000 employees, two people said. Testing, which typically takes four to six weeks, is advanced at Bank of America,” Business Week said.

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