JP Morgan gets the iPad habit

Yet more iPad movement in the financial industry, JP Morgan Chase & Co will give its investment bankers iPads, as Apple grabs yet more of RIM’s lunch.

“We believe there are real benefits in our working environment that can be realized using this device – as well as the personal productivity and enjoyment that come as part of the package,” two managing directors at New York-based JPMorgan said in an e-mail obtained by Bloomberg News.

The move is significant, it means JP Morgan will distribute iPads for free to all associates in its global investment banking division, and will use it to get email contacts, calendar and attachments using Microsoft Outlook.

This is a thin end of the wedge as Apple continues to build momentum in the tablet market. iPad sales jumped 28 percent to 4.19 million units in the quarter ended Sept. 30, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Standard Chartered Plc. became one of the first and biggest firms to drop the BlackBerry for iPhones in May. Citigroup is also pondering such a move while the Financial Times is giving 1,800 staff an iPad Christmas.

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