Repetitive sync, record-keeping inccuracies and slow performance, for some of us that’s what we think we pay $99/year for when we sign-up for MobileMe, well, that and an over-priced image sharing service and an online storage facility that’s almost as good as Dropbox — but don’t worry, keep paying your subs because Steve Jobs says MobileMe is going to get better (next year).

Many industry watchers had hoped Apple would take a bite on the bullet and make the service free earlier this year. To an extent it did, bowing to public pressure (and potential feedback from lawmakers sick that such a powerful feature wasn’t available to every owner of an iDevice) and making ‘FindMyiPhone’ free for all.

Over at MacRumors they’re reporting about Apple CEO Steve Jobs who told one customer writing in to ask if MobileMe will “get better”:

“Yes, it will get a lot better in 2011.”

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