It had to happen — Intel introduced its Sandy Bridge processor this week and already intrepid Mac OS X hackers have managed to install Apple’s operating system on Intel’s new chip.

Good news that it can be done must be tempered with reports as to how complex it is: it really is: indeed, it’s so complex developers at the tonymacx86 Blog, have published instructions. And these involve a patched kernel and the results? Well, they “aren’t recommended for long-term use.”

Take a look at the instructions and consider the fine and long tradition of Mac hacking. Steve Jobs doesn’t like it, so no surprises then that John Draper (aka. Captain Crunch, the man who introduced Steves Wozniak and Jobs to the gentle arts of phone phreaking) says Jobs wasn’t much of a hacker.

His words:

Who was the better student in phone phreaking skills, Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak?

John Draper: Wozniak – Job’s was not interested in hacking at all.

Via: Engadget

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