Dan Lyons, who started the Fake Steve Jobs Blog as his anonymous pet project a few years ago, says he is no longer posting as Fake Steve.  Like a lot of us in the tech community, Lyons is feeling awful about the situation with Jobs’ illness.

I know his old partner and friend, Steve Wozniak. And I just can’t bring myself to call Woz and ask him what he knows. I’m sorry. I know a surgeon who has worked at Stanford Medical Center, where Steve Jobs has received a great deal of his medical treatment. But I won’t ask her what she’s heard. For one thing, she won’t tell me. For another, all the hot showers in the world could not wash that stink off me. I won’t ask my friends who work at Apple what they know. I’ve never asked them for any inside information about Apple. We’re friends. I respect that. They don’t know what’s wrong with their boss. They’re just feeling awful.

I know the feeling. Today I’m feeling awful, too.

I’ve enjoyed the Fake Steve Blog for years but it has languished over the last few months.  Lyons hasn’t been keeping the blog very current lately so it isn’t much of a surprise that he is stepping down.  He’s had a TV deal in the works as well to bring the personality, or one like it, to TV butI’m not sure how far along that is or if it is even still on.

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