Perian is one of the must-have utilities for your Mac. It’s an open-source and free media component that enables compatibility with dozens of audio and video formats not natively supported by Mac OS X. And because it’s a QuickTime plugin, it enables new media formats on a system-wide basis. Perian versions 1.2.2 is now available for download.

It brings, for the first time ever, support for the Google-promoted WebM open video format and VP8 media container – outside the confines of the Chrome browser which supports these formats out-of-the-box. But wait, there’s more…


Not that there is a lot of WebM-encoded content out there, anyway. Still, Perian is a peace of mind for those concerned that Google has been attempting to leave Mac users behind with the new media formats.

Perian 1.2.2 also brings support for compressed Matruska video files and FFv1 lossless video formats, among other things.

Also, users who still run legacy PowerPC Macs should know that this is the last Perian version to support PowerPC systems.

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