As noted by TUAW, you can now trade-in your iOS devices via Amazon’s Electronics Trade-In program. If you wanna get rid off your aging iPhone, simply mail in the device to Amazon in exchange for some Amazon gift card credits.

A sampling of other iOS device trade-in prices includes up to $114 for iPod classics, $235 for first-gen 16 GB Wi-Fi iPads and $162 for an 8 GB iPhone 3GS. That’s definitely way more than you’ll get if you let your old iPhone rattle around in a desk drawer after upgrading to a new one.

The program, currently in beta, accepts other consumer electronics devices, not just Apple’s. Some product eligibility criteria applies…


For example, Amazon states that mailed in devices must be in working order and good cosmetic condition. Only itmes matching the exact version displayed on the Amazon site can be traded-in. All items must be postmarked no later than seven days after the trade-in subsmission, Amazon warns.

When the company verifies and accepts your items, they will notify you via email message and deposit an Amazon Gift Card into your account within two business days. Actual trade-ins are handled by a third-party which buys your used gadgets, while Amazon acts as a service provider.

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