(above, Apple’s Back to School Ads go live –thx)

Last week we told you that Apple was going to unleash its Back to School sale today and would include a $100 gift card to the App Store. We’ve seen the artwork and the packages were supposed to be opened today to be displayed.  That’s what the outside packaging said anyway.

Late last night, @chronic tweeted that there was going to be a slight delay in the unveiling.  We’re not 100% sure if/why the delay happened.  It could have been the abrupt departure of Apple Store Head Ron Johnson or some other issues with the rollout.

But that doesn’t mean that the event isn’t going to happen and that the $100 in credit that we called didn’t happen.

Macrumors posts the image (below) which shows the $100 gift card that we’d heard about.  Apple Stores are rolling out the imagery now (so technically we weren’t off on rollout ;) and the $100 begins tomorrow and goes until September 20.

Remember, Lion is free with any Mac purchased now and there are already significant educational discounts for Apple products.

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