We’ve known for many weeks now that a refreshed line of MacBook Airs is incoming, starting with rumors about Airs with Sandy Bridge processors way back then, our report that the current SKUs are constrained across the globe, and a report from Asia that pinpoints a late June launch of the new ultra-thin notebooks. Now, we’ve noticed that major Apple reseller Best Buy is joining the MacBook Air rumor mill.

The retail outlet’s online component recently has placed all four of the current MacBook Air models on not available for shipping. This typically means that supplies are so constrained that they have to focus their remaining inventory on their popular physical retail stores. BestBuy.com does not provide a date for when they will be shipping the notebooks again, but these types of things are usually indicative of a product refresh. Even more so because we know one is coming very soon. Additionally, a number of stores have indicated to us that they are exceptionally low on MacBook Air stock.

Best Buy has recently been the scene of new Apple product indications. For example, the company often places “DUMMY SKUs” in their system ahead of refreshes. Although they usually do not always know the precise release dates, they seem to be aware that new gear is incoming. The “not available for shipping” stance works in a similar fashion. An example of this would be iLife no longer being available for shipping in the weeks prior to the iLife ’11 unveiling and release. In addition, supply of the MacBook Air is tight – compared to other products – at Canadian retailer Future Shop.

On a final note, we’ve been hearing some whispers about the new MacBook Airs launching the week of July 4th. Although these whispers are backed up by past trends, they are unconfirmed.

Update from reader Doug:

On bestbuy.co.uk you can only order to collect the 128GB MBA in store and it’s only in stock in a few stores. The other MBA’s are totally out of stock.

Update 2X:

Official online reseller Amazon is low on MacBook Air supplies in multiple international countries (Thanks Dave!):

Also in Germany:


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