T-Mobile dissing the iPhone it will soon carry and the company that will soon buy it?

After yesterday’s Sprint story, MacTrast chimes in that the soon to be acquired by AT&T network will carry the iPhone 5 as well.

The informant, who requested to remain anonymous, went on to claim that the iPhone 5 would also operate at 3G speeds on T-Mobile US network. Current unlocked iPhone 4 units can only operate at at 2G “edge” speeds on T-Mobile’s network, and lack certain network-dependent features, such as Visual Voicemail.

That’s somewhat strange as the chips inside the Verizon iPhone and what are thought to be in the upcoming iPhone 5 support T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 14Mb ‘4G’ service (as well as AT&T’s ‘4G’).

We reported earlier this year that T-Mobile already had over a million iPhones running on its US network.

MacTrast previously reported big changes to MacBook Pros that never materialized.

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