A new and free iOS app called Action Movie FX lets users create Hollywood special effects on top of a video by using their iPhone’s camera. Action Movie FX is pretty simple in that you record a target and then the app will do the rest. Besides a visual effect, the app also adds realistic sound that gives a very real sense to what you are seeing. As you can see above, the car explosion looks very real.

Once Action Movie FX processes the video, you can share it with your Facebook friends, send it by email, or save it to your camera roll. There are two special effects available for free called “missile attack” and “car smash.” Other effects can be purchased for 99-cents in-app.

Unlike similar applications on the App Store, Action Movie FX works very well. The app quickly processes the effect, and even lets you select a certain point in the video where you want it added. Since it is available for free, we definitely suggest you try Action Movie FX.

Check out a few more screenshots and video after the break:

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