We are fans of Ciccarese Design here at 9to5Mac, even when its renderings do not closely follow Apple’s design language. The design studio’s new iPhone 5 mockup exploits a teardrop design meme in a lovely way (and as commenters pointed out, it’s inspired by the Magic Mouse). As rumormongers are well aware, a teardrop-shaped iPhone 5 was often speculated in the weeks and months leading up to the iPhone 4S launch.

The hype was in vain  for Apple’s new phone, though, that turned out to be almost identical to its predecessor (at least from the outside). With all eyes now on a rumored summer (or is it fall?) unveiling of a sixth-generation iPhone, the pundits again believe the launch will mark a major design change for Apple’s phone with the biggest visual overhaul since the original iPhone.

Now, do not get us wrong: We really do not think these mockups will be accurate. For starters, how would this thing sit flat on a table? Nevertheless, the renderings are interesting and appealing and we would love to hear your thoughts, so meet us in comments. Oh, and what is with the glowing Apple logo on the back, cool or what?

Additional renders are after the break.

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