Update: As expected, this is not what it seems. It looks like the developer switched all of the advertised premium content over to an ad for Futobox. Premium content vendors take note: People are willing to pay for good streaming content.

Update 2: TV Premium removed from the Apple Store over 24 hours later. We’re hearing from multiple sources that AppleĀ issuingĀ refunds.

A new iOS app released in the App Store this weekend called “TV English Premium” that allows users to watch premium TV stations without a subscription. Most of the channels on the app are English-centric and include BBC Two, Three, Four, BBC HD, and Eurosport channels, but there are some native USA channels, such as: History HD, National Geographic HD, ESPN HD.

We downloaded and tested the app, and it seems to work as advertised. We only paid the one-time app fee of 99 cents, and then we were free to browse all the channels the app has to offer. A couple of times the app stopped to buffer, but we did not experience any other real pain-points. Needless to say, we do not expect this app to last too long in the app store, so you may want to act fast if you are interested. It is a universal download for iPad, iPod, and iPhone, and it is available here (iPad screenshot and video below). Buyer (obviously) beware.

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