In case you had not heard, BlackBerry World is occurring in Orlando right now, and RIM is officially announcing BlackBerry 10. Overall, I am not seeing anything that will save this company, but there are a few nice features in the new OS to speak of.

First is the predictive text soft keyboard:

Interesting use of the predictive text here and perhaps ironic that, of all companies, RIM is putting the last nail in the physical keyboard coffin. It will be interesting to see how well this keyboard works in practice.

Also debuting is a camera feature (video below) that allows you to step back in time when you miss a shot. The technology is not terribly advanced, because the camera is just taking shots from the time the camera app is open and caching them for later browsing.

Update: It appears the camera app is a repurposed third-party app.

Both of these are cool, but they will by no means save the platform. Android and iOS now control over 80 percent of the United States smartphone market. That is actually low in contrast to places like Japan, where the figure is over 95 percent iOS and Android.

The only question that remains is which will die first: Junk bond Nokia or RIM?

(Video via The Verge)

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