According to The Guardian, the BBC iPlayer for iOS devices will soon gain the ability to download content for offline viewing or viewing abroad.

Viewers will now be able to watch the latest series of Doctor Who and other BBC favourites while travelling and on holiday abroad, with the corporation allowing programmes to be downloaded from the iPlayer to tablets and smartphones for the first time.

Wow. This idea needs to catch on with U.S. media companies.

He added: “With mobile downloads, you can now load up your mobile phone or tablet with hours and hours of BBC programmes, then watch them on the road, on the tube, on a plane, without worrying about having an internet connection or running up a mobile data bill.”

Once downloaded, programmes will be available for 30 days, or within seven days of being watched. Up to 50 hours of TV will fit on a 16GB iPhone or iPad, or 25 hours of higher-definition content.

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