Apple’s iPhone 5 media event just kicked off with CEO Tim Cook hitting the stage and providing some updates on numbers for various products. Among them: Mountain Lion downloads are up to 7 million since Apple announced 3 million copies in July, 17 million iPads were sold between April and June this year, and a total of 400 million iOS devices have been sold through June:

  • 400 million iOS devices sold through June
  • 83 million visitors to retail stores
  • 380 stores
  • 7 million copies of mountain lion
  • 17 million iPads last quarter
  • 84 million iPads sold through June
  • 250,000 iPad apps
  • 200 million iTunes in the Cloud users
  • iTunes is in 63 countries
  • 26 million songs on iTunes/ 20 billion songs purchased
  • 435 million iTunes accounts with credit cards
  • 350 million iPods sold

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