iMore‘s Rene Ritchie claims that Apple plans to release its next-generation iPhone, the “iPhone 5S,” in August. An August release would be a few weeks earlier than 2012’s mid-September iPhone 5 launch. In line with Apple’s previous “S” generations of the iPhone, the next iPhone is expected to retain the design of the iPhone 5 but add improved camera and processor systems. Earlier today, an analyst claimed that the “iPhone 5S” will arrive in July with a faster chip, improved camera system, and a fingerprint sensor under the home button.

In line with spring releases for the first three generations of the iPad, Apple’s successors to the fourth-generation iPad and first-generation iPad mini are reportedly being considered for an April release. With the launch of the fourth-generation iPad coming seven months after the third-generation model, an April launch for the next iPad would seem to further solidify an Apple move from a yearly to bi-annual iPad release cycle.

According to iMore, it is unclear if the April iPad mini update will gain a Retina display, but previous reports claimed such as device could arrive as soon as October. If Apple truly does stick to a bi-annual iPad release cycle, it is plausible that we could see both new non-Retina and Retina iPad minis this calendar year.

We previously posted images of the back plate for the next-generation full-sized iPad that points to the device gaining an iPad mini-like design.

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