We heard reports that yesterday’s Chrome browser update is crashing on Jailbroken iPhones. It appears there was some code that detected jailbreaks in the browser and assumed that crash-reporting was enabled. The fix is unsurprisingly enabling crash reporting.

Google said a fix will be in the next update, but it doesn’t have a timeframe on that.

We have found a bug that affects jailbroken devices with crash reporting and metrics *disabled*. The fix will be in our next release (we can’t say when that will be, please don’t ask).

One workaround is to enable crash reporting. Open “Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Local State” and change the “reporting_enabled” flag to “true”. That will enable reporting without needing to reinstall the app. Mind you, we haven’t tested this ourselves. :-) If you do not wish to do this, or are not comfortable doing this, you’ll need to wait for the next release. The other workaround is to uninstall and re-install and enable crash reporting, but you might lose data if you don’t use sync.

For those who are hitting crashes with 3rd-party add-ons, this workaround is not sufficient and you will need to contact the 3rd-party developer directly and have them update their add-on to work with Chrome M25.

To fix via SSH:

apt-get install vim nano findutils grep

cd ~/Applications cd “$(find -iname ‘Chrome’ | grep Application\ Support)” vim “Local State” # or nano

If vim: /reporting If nano: ^W reporting

Replace false with true

If vim: :x If nano: ^X y

killall -9 Chrome

Run the app.

If it still crashes, get rid of Easy Refresh for Chrome: apt-get remove com.w00tylab.chrome1 (and re-spring). Chromizer is still compatible with this new version :)

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