Update, June 29: Apple is running different full two-page ads in the Toronto Star and other Canadian newspapers today. The ads includes the same text and “Designed by Apple in California” tagline as the one above, but use alternate images that have also appeared on Apple’s “Designed by Apple” web page. Check out the other ads below.

We previously reported that Apple was starting a brand new ad campaign that focuses on its ecosystem and the people that use it rather than specific products, and today a reader notes that it has also brought the campaign to print with a full two-page ad in the Toronto Star (pictured above). We’d expect this to be the tone of its ads in the coming months, and the ad above (alongside its latest TV commercial), is also currently running on Apple’s “Designed by Apple” web page on Apple.com.

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While we’ve quite enjoyed Apple’s new campaign thus far, earlier this month Bloomberg reported that sources at Apple’s marketing partner Media Arts Lab indicated meetings have become less focused now that Phil Schiller is in charge following Steve Jobs’ passing.

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Update, June 29: 



Update, July 1:

Apple is also airing its “Intention” Designed in California ad at the beginning of some movie screenings in the U.S.

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