As the success stories keep piling up, so do the number of projects filling up crowdfunding websites with, among other things, neat hardware- and software-related products. Some projects, like Pebble, gain thousands of supporters as well as millions of dollars in funding (and end up at Best Buy’s retail stores). Other projects flop and don’t reach their necessary funding amount.

Rather than make you sift through all of these projects, we’re rounding up the best or most notable projects from around the web and delivering them to you in a simple roundup.

If there’s a project that you’ve backed – or even a project that you founded – be sure to leave a link below so it can be considered for the next roundup.

  • Hot Watch: Smart watch with revolutionary private calls (Kickstarter Project) – This is yet another project that seems to be nearly too good to be true. Using the smart watch, you can raise your hand and answer a phone call that’s amplified by the shape of your hand. In addition, you can send/receive texts and perform many other functions.
  • uChek UniversalĀ (Indiegogo project) – Yep, it’s a urinanlyzer. It is as accurate as a medical laboratory and can check for 25 medical conditions. Keep in mind that the device isn’t FDA cleared and it looks like they are not recommending US-based customers purchase from Indiegogo:

    Note: At this point, this campaign does not target US FDA clearance. Users in the United States interested in reserving the Universal are requested to sign upĀ here. We’ll be happy to keep you posted on our US plans for the Universal, separately!

  • Emotiv Insight (Kickstarter project) – It’s described as a “sleek, multi-channel, wireless headset that monitors your brain activity and translates them into meaningful data you can understand.” As compared to the company’s previous designs, it is quite good looking, but I’m sure you’d get a lot of funny looks wearing it around town. However, the developer API will allow programs and hardware to interact in new ways.
  • HOLHO – the new hologram generator for smartphone and tablet (Kickstarter project) – The HOLHO uses an optical illusion to create a design that looks like a hologram. Images and videos need to be created using the HOLHO app or provided by the company, but hopefully the content library will be large over time.

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