Electronic Arts has updated its popular Real Racing 3 car-racing game for iOS with a significant car expansion. This update’s additions focus on the Porsche 911, adding several generations of the iconic car and a new game mode:

Celebrate 50 years of one of motorsport’s most legendary vehicles! Real Racing 3’s garage expands with the addition of seven generations of the Porsche 911. • New cars – Seven new Porsche including the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 (1972), the 911 GT2 (2003), and the brand new 911 RSR (2013). • New Series – Compete against a grid of masterfully engineered Porsche sports cars in the illustrious 50 Years of 911 Series.

In addition to the new cars, the update adds a “VIP Delivery” mode to more quickly gain car upgrades.

Notably, today’s update is also said to receive full compatibility with Apple’s upcoming iOS 7. iOS 7 is expected to launch later this month alongside the new iPhones. Apple recently begun training its AppleCare staff on the new update. Notably for games like Real Racing, iOS 7 has a slew of new gaming APIs, and the iPhone 5S is expected to receive an improved processor. Both of these future additions to the Apple platform could mean even better gaming experiences.

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