Via email, Apple is now promoting Xcode 5.0.1’s new automated continuous integration feature to developers.

As an iOS developer, you can now take advantage of continuous integration in Xcode by creating bots with OS X Server for Mavericks that automate the process of building, analyzing, testing, and archiving your apps. As the bots do their work on the remote Mac, Xcode on your development machine displays the build and test reports. Bots can generate a regular release for your QA team, be configured to execute on every check-in, and even test your apps on connected iOS devices.

Continuous integration via automated bots in the new Xcode will multiple developers working on different aspects of a software product to integrate their code with the other projects in development. This eases up the development procedure of pulling parts of an app together to make the final copy…

Additionally, to go along with this promotion, Apple is now (for the first time) offering iOS App Developers a free copy of OS X Server. OS X Server is an extra charge for customers via the Mac App Store, but it is provided for free to Mac developers. To download OS X Server, developers should access the iOS or Mac developer portal to retrieve an App Store redemption code.

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