Apple posted a new build of Xcode to its developer portal this evening. The new version is listed as the Golden Master build of 5.0.2, which is interesting considering the fact that there were no betas of this update. According to the change log, the only changes are some bug fixes, so don’t expect any groundbreaking new features.

The complete change log is below.

Issues Resolved in Xcode 5.0.2 GM seed Simulator After installation of Xcode, the iOS 7.0.3 simulator hangs on first launch for a period of time (eventually launching). This issue has been resolved. (15368009) Running UIAutomation from the Instruments GUI or from the /usr/bin/instruments command line crashes. This has been resolved. (15367995) Running and Debugging Launching a 64-bit application on a device from Xcode multiple times causes the device to stop responding (and require a soft-reset). This has been resolved. (15338361) Debugging an application on a device running iOS 6.x causes the application to crash with EXC_BAD_ACCESS. This has been resolved. (15310896) LLDB now correctly displays structs in simulator processes. (14496092)

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