If you’re one of the few eager to try out the Mac Pro but can’t stomach the $2,999 and up price tag, here’s a super-cheap non-solution for you.


Sure, you won’t get the madness that is the Mac Pro internals, but it’s a black circular trashcan on your Mac dock, so that counts for something, right?

Developer Jonathan Hirz created the look after noticing a friend tweet a question as to how one can replace the OS X trash icon with the Mac Pro. Hirz thought to himself, “I could make that” and so he did (via COM).

Replacing the icon will take all of few seconds and is completely reversible if you decide to go back to the “boring” regular old OS X trash icon. Hit the steps below and make your psuedo-Mac Pro dreams come true:

1) Download the icon here 2) Navigate to Machintosh HD > System > Library > CoreServices > Dock 3) Right click and “Show Package Contents” 4) Click on Contents > Resources 5) Scroll down to find the files “trashempty.png”, “trashempty@2x.png”, etc and back them up. There should be 8. 6) Replace old icons with new ones, and delete the reflections. They aren’t needed. 7) Open Terminal.app and type “killall Dock”.

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