Earlier this year AOL announced it would no longer be supporting iCloud email accounts with its Alto webmail service after December 2nd. Today, however, the Alto team informed users it had reversed that decision and apologized for the confusion of its decision. Alto also promised it would not be pulling support for iCloud email in the future, but offered no details on why the initial decision then reversal were made. Full email below:

Good news!

@iCloud, @mac and @me accounts are all 100% restored to full support in Alto.

Sorry for the hassle, especially if it led you to take action and remove accounts.

The restored support for iCloud is permanent and you don’t need to worry or wonder if it’s going away or not.

We regret the confusion & frustration, and sincerely appreciate your patience with our developing product.

Enjoy iCloud in Alto. It’s back!


The Altomail team

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