Pedometer++ rose to fame after developer David Smith moved quickly to have an M7-enabled fitness app available for the iPhone 5s. The newest update builds on the original in several key ways. Importantly, it changes the design of the app from a list to a chart-centric format showing one week of activity at a time. You can flip through a week at a time, a big improvement of the previous layout.

The tint color of the app indicates the current day’s progress towards the daily step goal. If you have hit your daily limit, it changes the feel of the entire look. The navigation bar, buttons and titles turn green to reflect your achievement. It’s a really clever detail that just adds that extra level of polish to the app.

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Version 2 adds a handful of localizations for other languages and the ability to export your data. The app opens an email compose window with a CSV attached of your step count history.

Apple is actively developing health-tracking functionality for the next version of iOS. For now though, Pedometer is a fantastic choice for fitness tracking without needing additional hardware. I have personally clocked over 400,000 steps so far in the app and the improvements brought in the latest update are only going to encourage me to clock even more steps.

Pedometer++ is free on the App Store.

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