According to a report from Turkish website ElmaDergisi, Apple’s first Apple Store in Turkey will officially open on April 4. The news follows reports that the store would open sometime in April after Tim Cook met with Turkish government officials last month. Today’s report also claims Cook along with the Turkish President will be in attendance at the opening.

Cook originally met with Turkish government officials last month to discuss a $4 billion plan to bring iPads to Turkey’s schools, but the meeting also reportedly included talks of bringing R&D projects to the country and Turkish language support on iOS.

The first store in Turkey is planned for a 21,000 square foot space inside the Zorlu shopping center in Istanbul between Burberry and Louis Vuitton stores and was originally expected to open by January. The opening of the Apple Store in Turkey will mark the 13th country that Apple currently operates at least one retail store in and follows Apple opening an online store in the country last October.

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