Nike’s Mark Parker reveals some advice given to him by Steve Jobs (2010)

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Nike was winding down its wearable technology efforts with the intention of focusing on fitness software, such as thhe Nike+ Running app seen above. Today Nike CEO Mark Parker told CNBC (clip below) that the company is looking to expand its partnerships with other companies, including Apple.

Parker stopped short of saying that the two were collaborating on a future fitness endeavour (such as the iWatch), but said that Nike is interested in working with many companies looking to integrate its NikeFuel software into their hardware. Parker said that his goal is to reach a total NikeFuel user base of 100 million, over three times the current number of 30 million.

Specifically regarding Apple, Parker said that he is “excited” to see where the future relationship between the two companies takes them. The Nike+ app is included on all new iPhones that are sold, and is designed to work with the Nike+ athletic sensors for monitoring workout progress.

Though nothing of the sort has been confirmed, it would certainly be interesting to see Apple’s upcoming Healthbook app integrate Nike’s software as a logical extension of the built-in Nike+ application. This could allow users to take even more health and fitness-related data into account when tallying up their FuelPoints.

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