Following a report earlier this month that Apple started acknowledging a long-standing complaint over a common iMessage bug, Bloomberg (via BI) reports that a customer has filed a lawsuit against Apple and is seeking class action status with a San Jose court.

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The problem exists with how Apple’s messaging app handles the switch from its iPhone to iPhone iMessaging platform to traditional SMS text messages when contacts switch to new devices. Apple automatically defaults to the less expensive iMessage to save users from paying for text messages, but if a contact happens to switch to another platform even temporarily— Android for example— the app sometimes does not automatically recognize and switch back to text messages. This leaves users on either end unaware that messages aren’t getting through, and there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution to get the messaging app to stop defaulting to iMessage. Some AppleCare employees are suggesting users not receiving messages ask contacts to delete and re-add them as a contact.

Apple does have a support page detailing the common solutions for deactivating iMessage when switching devices, but some users are reportedly still unable to fix the problem.

In the lawsuit filed against Apple, the consumer claimed she stopped receiving messages from iPhone users after switching to an Android device:

The text-messaging lawsuit, which seeks class-action status and undetermined damages, claims Apple failed to disclose that switching to a device other than one running on Apple’s iOS operating system would result in the interference. The suit is based on contractual interference and unfair competition laws.

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