Earlier this month, reports emerged claiming that Apple was in negotiations to buy headphone and streaming music company Beats for $3.2 billion, making it Apple’s largest deal in history. According to a new report out of the NY Post, Apple has recently dropped the price its willing to pay for the company to $3 billion. It’s unclear as to what exactly caused Apple to lower its offer, but a report last week broke down a variety of reasons as to why the deal could be delayed. One of the reasons was a vulgar video from Dr. Dre, that apparently “freaked” Apple out. It’s also possible that a leaked report claiming that Beats only had 110,000 paying subscribers made Apple even more skeptical.

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Apple has also apparently just begun doing its “due diligence” on Beats. When the original $3.2 billion number was leaked, the company had not yet done any of that, and since it started, it has apparently dug up some unsettling information.

The NY Post report goes on to say that Apple’s acquisition of Beats could be announced as early as this week. Beats cofounders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are expeted to join Apple’s executive team following the acquisition. The two will also reportedly be at WWDC next week and appear on stage during Apple’s keynote.

Seeing that this newest report claims that the deal will be announced next week, and earlier reports stated that the two founders would be on stage at WWDC, it looks like we finally may be nearing an official announcement regarding the acquisition.

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