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Big-name analysts seemed satisfied with what they saw and heard during Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6, Apple Watch and Apple Pay, reports Forbes. Summarising investor notes from a dozen major companies, Chuck Jones found the general feeling was that Apple had delivered what was expected.

The overall average of AAPL stock price targets was $109, against the current price of just over $100. Analysts pointed to a range of factors in forming their views, among them … 


  • Better than anticipated iPhone 6 availability (against rumors of the larger model going on sale later)
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are priced right
  • iPhone 6 Plus cannibalising iPad mini sales would be good for margins (more profit on the phone)
  • iPhone likely to continue to grow in the key Chinese market
  • Significant (but not amazing) iWatch sales next year, estimates ranging from 10M to 37M
  • Apple Watch pricing (and thus margins) likely to be higher than anticipated
  • Apple Watch just the starting-point for Apple’s future in wearables
  • Apple Pay (in particular), HealthKit and WatchKit all make the Apple ecosystem more appealing to consumers

The big unknown, says Jones, is iWatch pricing: “there are multiple price points and we only know the $349 entry model.”

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