Since its Tuesday release during Apple’s press event, U2’s free album giveaway has reportedly reached 2 million downloads. Recode reported the numbers today but didn’t clarify if the two million downloads included those iOS devices and Macs automatically setup to download purchased content.

That’s 2 million of the approximately 500 million people with access to the free album through either an iTunes download or streaming on iTunes Radio and Beats Music.

Earlier today we noted that Apple reportedly paid U2 and its label an undisclosed royalty fee in addition to committing to a $100 million ad campaign as part of the partnership. The band also has plans to continue working with Apple on other music related projects.

As noted by Recode, the album’s release has also put a lot of U2’s back catalogue (conveniently on sale) into the top charts on iTunes: The music industry always expects new releases to spur the sales of old albums, but in this case iTunes buyers seem particularly receptive: Right now there are 17 old U2 albums on iTunes top 100 chart; a remastered version of “The Joshua Tree,” the band’s 1987 release, is at the No. 12 spot.

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