With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus now officially in customers’ hands after a record opening weekend of iPhone sales, today we get a look at various benchmark results for the devices compared to the competition from AnandTech. Ahead of the site’s full technical review of the new iPhones, today it posted several benchmark results showing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus win out by just about every metric.

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The site notes it noticed a 13% increase in performance in its SunSpider benchmark test for the new A8 chip, but also significant increases in GPU performance giving the new devices “a pretty solid lead over the competition for the iPhone 6/A8.” In addition, the site points out that Apple has actually been able to achieve quite impressive battery life results (pictured above) considering the hardware it’s included in the new iPhone 6 models:

Normally an 1810 mAh battery with 3.82V nominal voltage would be quite a poor performer, but the iPhone 6 is a step above just about every other Android smartphone on the market. The iPhone 6 Plus also has a strong showing, although not quite delivering outrageous levels of battery life the way the Ascend Mate 2 does.

You can check out all the results of the various benchmarks here. Tom’s Guide also put together some benchmark results comparing the new iPhones with the iPhone 5s and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 (click the gallery below for full size):

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