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Poll: Does the malleability [#bendgate] of Apple’s iPhone 6/Plus concern you?

The Internet recently exploded with reports of the iPhone 6 Plus’ bendable body. Unofficially dubbed “Bendgate” this problem seems to occur when the device is in pockets and other tight areas that apply pressure on the chassis of the iPhone 6 Plus. This is probably a small issue when you look at the big picture and ones that other metal phones including previous iPhones also experience. Over 10 million iPhones have been sold since its Sept. 19 launch, but we’ve only seen a handful of legit Bendgate issues in the wild. The question is, does this actually bother you?

Mainstream media has been running wild with this “issue.” (It has even hit Snopes) We’ve seen #bendgate trending on Twitter and reports hitting global news outlets. Even a video published by Unbox Therapy showed how brittle the iPhone 6 Plus body can be when forcing it to bend. In comparison, other plastic smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 survived a “bend test” nearly unscathed. Are you concerned with Bendgate?


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  1. Bret J. Heiser - 9 years ago

    Simple solution, Don’t sit on your expensive piece of technology. How hard is that?

    • thejuanald - 9 years ago

      Simple solution, learn to comprehend what you’re commenting about before you comment. These reports are of people having their phone bent from being in their FRONT pocket.

      • Alex (@Metascover) - 9 years ago

        Sure, because keeping such a huge phone in a front of a costume pocket for a whole day makes sense !

      • Jake (@jhphx1) - 9 years ago

        Oh again back pocket lol

      • princesskooh - 9 years ago

        These people and the media NEED to STOP saying “FRONT” side or back pocketed bending I can totally see

        Pants as far as I’m aware including “skinny jeans” do NOT legitimately have front pockets and anything else that has actual front pockets should not be possible!

        Unless these persons are construction workers, or doing heavy manual labor or just being plain careless or lying it is inconceivable that these devices are suddenly bending.

        There are even videos showing how much pressure is needed for the bends to occur.

        It is also worth mentioning that the amounts of bends themselves so far seems negligible and not significant enough to pose a threat to device functionality or value

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        It’s odd, I have a Note 3 and wear my phone in my front pocket. And most of my jeans are Rocco Skinny jeans from Express. I guess the iPhone 6+ is a bit longer than a Note 3, though, even if the screen is smaller..

      • smigit - 9 years ago


        WTF are you talking about with your claims pants “do NOT legitimately have front pockets”. Pants absolutely do have front pockets, in fact the front pocket of my (non-skinny) Levi jeans do a much better job at fitting my iPhone 6 Plus than the back pocket.

        I do however agree that there probably was a fairly substantial amount of force required to bend the phone, or that they may have weakened it through prior use.

    • Nycko Heimberg - 9 years ago

      Just Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note !!!!! Not the Same Result ;-) Samsung STRONGER !

      • leifashley - 9 years ago

        The Note sucks, period. Best option, just don’t put your fingers to the back of the device and try to bend the freak’in thing.

      • princesskooh - 9 years ago

        No thanks Samsunk sucks and if some of their recent no time wasted Marketing tweets are ANY Indication they are Salty, ButtHurt and running scared to the superior competition lol

    • stickyicky97 - 9 years ago

      I was agreed with you until I just took my iPhone 6 out of it’s leather case and found that it doesn’t sit flush on a flat surface (while my iPhone 5s does). I have only carried my iPhone with a leather case in my front pocket while wearing short and slacks, so it hasn’t been in an uncompromising or stressed situation. I expect my phone that is designed to be carried in pockets not to be so sensitive to regular, non-strenuous activities. This is going to be a HUGE issue for apple as more people end up with bent phones. Yes, I know……..don’t put it in your back pocket or wear tight jeans and sit on it for extended amounts of time, so spare me those comments.

      • thislamp - 9 years ago

        @stickyicky97–double check! Your iPhone 6 Plus may not be sitting flush on a flat surface because of the camera bump!

      • stickyicky97 - 9 years ago

        @thislamp you’re right………..I’m an idiot. I forgot about that!

    • kobymac - 9 years ago

      if you look at the points at which the pocket bending is occurring and the type of warping- this isnt a brute force thats bending these phones. I’d put my money on the warping being due to heat and poor design. Aluminium is a cheap, weak as piss material, thats nothing new. But it is shiny – and seems people love shiny things. You can take the back cover off a samsung and bend it so the top touches the bottom and it returns to shape…..plastic is a far more versatile material, though has a cheapness stigma due to its lack of shine. I thought apple was all about being practical rather than being flashy? They have a 2 year cycle for making new form factors and rarely get it right.

      The iphone 6/6+ shape is a rip off of the HTC One M8 – only done worse.

    • Nicolas Raimo - 9 years ago

      Its the ‘front’ pockets on jeans this refers to, which I keep my phone in when am driving, walking, or sometimes just sitting down. Which am sure a lot of people also do, the problem of the bend occours when the phone slides sideways to the leg and the power of the leg bone using the jeans to hold it still allow it to bend under high pressure slowly without the user paying too much attention it size and casting should of took this into account when making the product maybe it should of been made a little heavier and had a stainless steel frame

    • Here’s a better solution. Get a case! This company is even giving them away for free:

  2. Michael Beausoleil - 9 years ago

    Don’t put a phablet in your pocket, jerk-off! Pockets are for phones! Go buy a satchel or murse or something.

    • rgbfoundry - 9 years ago

      Let’s all just admit that Apple has “gone thinner”, yet again, at the expense of the consumer. Can’t upgrade your iMac? Yea, but it’s thinner. No more 30 pin connectors? Yea, but the phone’s thinner. Pliable iPhones? Yea, but they’re thinner. Ive’s in love with aluminum for all its finishing options. Maybe they should consider a stronger base metal if they’re going to keep pushing the thinvelope.

      • Michael Beausoleil - 9 years ago

        No, I will not admit such a thing. Treat your equipment relative to your investment. Maybe carriers should revoke their deals so these people will actually treat their $600, $800, $1,00 piece of technology with the respect that it deserves since they will have paid full price. The problem isn’t because of Apple or any other manufacturer for that matter. If you treat your stuff nice, you will have nice things; treat it like crap and you’ll have broken, scratched-up, and ugly things.

      • rgbfoundry - 9 years ago

        Michael, it’s not a museum piece. Sure, you don’t want to drop it on the ground, but these reports are coming from people that didn’t feel they were abusing the phone. You make it sound like you keep yours in a cloche and use it via Bluetooth only. Don’t forget it’s a portable phone. People use it. If I spend $50,000 on a car, there’s a reasonable likelihood that I’m going to take it out on the roads. That’s what it’s for, regardless of price. If you fail to design something that withstands the stresses of normal use, you’ve failed the “form follows function” test.

      • IndyMac.Support - 9 years ago

        Since the first reports of the thinness of iPhone 6 came out, I’ve commented “Why, because the Galaxy is thinner (than the 5S?” I weigh 315lbs and often put my 5S in my back jeans pocket, then sit on it in my car. It’s still perfect. I put a case and screen protector on every iPhone I’ve ever had, the minute I inboxes it. I use a NuGuard case and my phone is unblemished and not bent. Still, I e thought the 6 too thin. Had Apple made it tougher and 2mm thicker, several additional hours of battery life could have been accomplished. Ives obsession with design and now “thinness” is just Samsungesque”. Not particularly innovative more unique. And now one major design flaw for PR to hack on them. It’s Apples fault already knowing people are sheep and making the phones not just better, but tougher, too. I see a lot if blue jeans at Apple events. You mean not one of those genius’ ever put one in his back pocket and sat down to see what would happen? Seems like a no brainer “torture test” to me.

  3. rgbfoundry - 9 years ago

    I cancelled my 6Plus order and got back in the virtual line for a standard sized 6. I have to consider the resale value and the 6 Plus damage seems more likely over 12 months. The 6Plus is not worth the risk, not worth additional insurance coverage, and not worth waiting for an minor internal design improvement that’s likely to occur in the next 6 months.

    • PMZanetti - 9 years ago

      I would say that would never happen….but then again I said Apple would never fix the iPad 3 heat issues in 6 months and issue a revised version….sure enough 7 months later came the iPad 4 with the thermal issues fixed.

    • Steve Grenier - 9 years ago

      I considered doing the same, but I got AppleCare, so I could always pay the fee to have them replace it for me, then sell a new model. I suspect we will see a revised frame next year in the 6S. Hopefully Apple starts using that liquid metal for something other than the SIM ejector tool. I will just be very paranoid for the next year.

      • thislamp - 9 years ago

        We don’t know yet if AppleCare would cover a phone that got bent from being in a pocket, do we?

      • Andrew Messenger - 9 years ago

        @thislamp even if it doesn’t you could toss it in water and get it replaced with your service charge

      • rgbfoundry - 9 years ago

        Yea. I seriously doubt AppleCare will cover something a bent phone. They would have to consider it possible through a “material defect” in craftsmanship, and they won’t be doing that ever. LiquidMetal can’t be used for something as large as an iPhone (yet). I wouldn’t hold your breath. Ive loves Aluminum.

      • thislamp - 9 years ago

        @Andrew Messenger. Thanks for the clarification. I’m glad I got AppleCare then :-)

      • shareef777 - 9 years ago

        It covers accidental damage. You can just dunk it in water till it dies and then get another one. Though I’m fairly sure you won’t have to do that and they’d just replace it.

      • iJonni - 9 years ago

        Apple care does cover the bend, but with the incident fee of $79. Bends in iPhone 6 are considered physical damage because you damaged it. Your pants have to be mighty tight to bend this phone. And the “bendability” is no different than the 5S. I’ve seen plenty of those bent as well. Same exact spot. Usually from pockets. Front and back.

      • iJonni - 9 years ago

        Also, I’d rather my phone bend than the screen shatter

      • giskardian - 9 years ago

        Aluminum works fine if it is properly engineered, but it would need to be thicker. That’s the problem: Ive feels that 1mm thinner is a greater accomplishment than a more durable device with better battery life.

        Stainless steel might work, but it’s more expensive to machine and considerably heavier.

        Seeing the strong feelings on both sides of this, I new believe Apple needs two lines of iPhones: one for those who treat them like a delicate showpiece, and another for those who prioritize durability and battery life. Aluminum and steel. Light and heavy. The durable version should not require a case to protect it from drops. Charge an extra $50 for the rugged iPhone.

        I’d bet good money that the rugged iPhone with better battery life would sell better.

      • thislamp - 9 years ago

        If only Apple had invested in Mr. Scott’s transparent aluminum, there would be no #bendgate, and we’d all be marveling at the insides of our unbendable iPhones.

  4. Drown Zone - 9 years ago

    the poll isn’t waterproof just as the “bend” video… you can vote as often as you want!

  5. shadowx99 - 9 years ago

    No it does not really bother me… It is like the antenna gate, attacking a product on seemingly alarming fault while in fact, it is a no-issue.

  6. as a current Note 3 owner i was afraid of breaking the display in 2 if i sat down with it in my front pocket due to high pressure (yeah i wear skinny jeans) so i usually take it out before sitting. however, a few times i’ve kept it in and nothing has happened, only oleophobic coating has rubbed off here and there, so im not worried at all about getting the 6 Plus this friday. my weight is not 300 pounds

    • thejuanald - 9 years ago

      The issue is that the iPhone is built with a very pliable material. Just because you haven’t messed up your Note 3 (neither have I) does not alleviate worries about the 6 or 6 Plus.

    • Kevin A (@kevinsky) - 9 years ago

      The Note 3 seems to hold up a lot better in identical bend tests, see this video:
      I also have the note 3, and like you I usually take it out of my pocket before I sit because it’s uncomfortable. And also like you I’ve sat down with it in my pocket many times and nothing happened. I was planning to switch to the iPhone6 (not the plus) and I probably still will but I’m going to see how this bending situation evolves. I might switch to a 5S instead!

  7. VahnDee - 9 years ago

    i think iPhone 6 is a little fragile

  8. Gordon Sharp - 9 years ago

    Oh dear, most unfortunate, it won’t bother me though, I’m still quite happy with my old 4S – which doesn’t bend!

  9. David Findley - 9 years ago

    I just don’t understand why people are sitting on an aluminum and glass device to begin with? Yes, it’s going to bend! I’m disappointed that you guys are encouraging the use of #bendgate. Not every little “problem” with the iPhone needs to be exaggerated like this and covered by every media outlet out there. Don’t sit on your phone and it won’t bend! #bendgate, my ass.

    • thejuanald - 9 years ago

      Not sitting on. Read before you type. The phones are being bent from being in the front pocket.

      • Jake (@jhphx1) - 9 years ago

        Oh here you are commenting again about back pocket lol

      • princesskooh - 9 years ago

        These people and the media NEED to STOP saying “FRONT” side or back pocketed bending I can totally see

        Pants as far as I’m aware including “skinny jeans” do NOT legitimately have front pockets and anything else that has actual front pockets should not be possible!

        Unless these persons are construction workers, or doing heavy manual labor or just being plain careless or lying it is inconceivable that these devices are suddenly bending.

        There are even videos showing how much pressure is needed for the bends to occur.

        It is also worth mentioning that the amounts of bends themselves so far seems negligible and not significant enough to pose a threat to device functionality or value

      • Jimmy Song - 9 years ago

        Although I can’t prove it (unless someone does a scientific study), I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of users who keep their iPhone 6+ in their front pockets won’t experience problems with bending. Anecdotal evidence of something happening is not proof of it being widespread. Furthermore, you have to take the word of the people who are reporting this issue that their phones weren’t abused in any way. I’m not saying people are lying, just pointing out the possibility that some people are deluded about how they treat their phones.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        Jake, I am here repeating myself over and over because most people are morons and start spouting nonsense when it doesn’t fit their narrative.

        Princess, as I said earlier, most of my jeans are Rocco Skinny jeans from express and I can fit my Note 3 just fine.

  10. tw0sh0t2112 - 9 years ago

    I’m not too worried about it.

  11. Taste_of_Apple - 9 years ago


  12. ibitebcareful - 9 years ago

    First of all, this is not a problem with the Phone. This is a user problem. If I gave you a 6″ piece of glass and asked you to take care of it, would you put it in your back pocket and sit down? I will however say – that consumers seem to want Bigger, Thinner, Lighter devices. Well, there is a trade off – a point of diminishing return – and we’re seeing it. There IS such a thing as too thin, and too light. We may have found the threshold with this device. I have difficulty picking up my iPhone 6+ from a flat surface – and it’s slippery as all hell. But I still love it and I’m not going to sit on it! (In fairness, I wear slacks every day – I know some of you jean wearers are probably in a bit of a pickle) But don’t blame the phone.

    • thejuanald - 9 years ago

      FRONT pocket, not back pocket.

      • Jake (@jhphx1) - 9 years ago

        Are you just sitting here waiting for anyone to say back pocket? Lol

      • giskardian - 9 years ago

        Yeah no kidding. I’m getting sick of the apologists bending reality to fit their opinon.

  13. crateish (@crateish) - 9 years ago

    ‘No, shut up.’ is the greatest response I’ve ever seen in an online poll and should be in all online polls.

    • Rogifan (@rogifan) - 9 years ago

      These are the times I wish blogs and social media didn’t exist. The click bait whoring around this is ridiculous.

  14. 89p13 - 9 years ago

    Not in the least!

    As I posted in other threads – I always have case on my phone and use a holster to carry it. I would no more think of putting ANY electronic device with a glass screen on it in my pocket. BUT – having said that, I am very old school.

    • wraithsword - 9 years ago

      I agree. I’ve owned the original iPhone, the 3 model and the 5s. Each have been encased and holstered and I haven’t broken, bent or scratched one yet. When Otter releases its 6 plus case and a belt holster becomes available, I’ll buy Apple’s newest and larges phone.

  15. thislamp - 9 years ago

    Here’s the thing–when you read the first account (at least the first I heard), the phone wasn’t in the person’s back pocket; rather, it was in the front pocket. I carried the 6 Plus in my front pocket without worry until I read these reports yesterday. Obviously, I’m not going to put it in my back pocket, but it has made me concerned enough to pull it out of my front pocket whenever I sit down. I like the minimalist red leather case I got for it at the Apple Store, but now I wonder if I shouldn’t invest in something more sturdy to protect it.

    But mark my words, there will be case designers that will market their cases on the fact that their cases can’t be bent.

  16. TechPeeve (@TechPeeve) - 9 years ago

    if any Apple product breaks, it is because of the user’s stupidity, not Apple’s fault. End of discussion.

  17. Drew (@gettysburg11s) - 9 years ago

    You know, this has yet to be proven to be Apple’s fault. Most likely, the people who are complaining are people who store their phone in a back pocket. So, this should not even be a news item. My guess? it is, simply because the author wants extra clicks, and perhaps likes to stir up trouble unecessarily. Its typical these days. All bloggers, and most journalists, like to spread FUD to get people to pay attention to them.

  18. davejramos (@davejramos) - 9 years ago

    I’ve pre-ordered my 6 Plus and 98% likely won’t cancel, but this is not good.

    I think a little caution is deserving. This marks the first time I’ve ever questioned the build quality of an Apple device. I had my 4S for 3 years, and as it stands now, it appears the 6 Plus won’t last that long. That is not good and any dismissal of such is kind of odd in my opin. Does it bother me, … ah yeah, and I canceling. No, but I sure will watch my calendar for my 30 days to return.

    Look forward to AAPL’s response and an estimate of how many people are really affected.

  19. cwaffles - 9 years ago

    Here’s my comment. Thin things will BEND! If you dont want it to bend, dont sit on your da*m phone!

    • thejuanald - 9 years ago

      Here’s my comment, understand what you’re talking about before you type. Most of these reports are bending from being in the FRONT pocket.

      • stenar - 9 years ago

        I think they’re lying after they sat on it. If this controversy is even real to begin with.

      • cwaffles - 9 years ago

        Right, because that happens all the time. If it looks like BS and smells like BS………..amazing how many people lack common sense.

  20. hmurchison - 9 years ago

    “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

    We the masses patiently await relevant news.

  21. Liam Hing (@LiamHing) - 9 years ago

    Here’s a solution, don’t wear really tight jeans…my 6 Plus goes in my jeans pocket every single day.

  22. Steve Price - 9 years ago

    I learned years ago that putting electronic devices into pants pockets, especially the back pockets, is a very, very dangerous thing to do. I stopped doing that 20 years ago after destroying a nice little pocket calculator in a credit card form factor. It got bent in my pocket and that caused internal electrical misfiring. I am sure an iPhone 6 could be destroyed in a few seconds by putting it into a back pocket and sitting down. DO NOT DO THAT!

  23. bullettoothtony81 - 9 years ago

    While “no, shut up” is a little more bombastic than I feel… I am firmly in the no category. I don’t even sit on my wallet in certain pants, because depending on those pants you can snap a credit card. Why would I want to sit on a near-thousand dollar device made of aluminum and glass?

    • thejuanald - 9 years ago

      These are from FRONT pocket bending, not back pocket. Yes, anyone sitting on their phone deserves to have it broken, a phone bending from being in a front pocket is just silly.

  24. Sumocat (@SumocatS) - 9 years ago

    I’ve been wearing my iPhone on my belt since 2008, so “No, shut up.” My only concern is fitting the new iPhone in my belt sleeve. Won’t fit right in the (discontinued) DLO Strapwrap I’ve been using, and DLO no longer exists. I probably need one custom made on Etsy.

  25. giskardian - 9 years ago

    I voted “Yes, I’m putting off buying an iPhone 6 until Apple sorts this out,” but that doesn’t quite describe what I’m doing. I want to wait to see if more reports show up so we can learn more about the problem. I still haven’t dismissed the possibility (low) that this is Samsung’s astroturf campaign or that people actually abused the bent phones. To apologists: no, putting a phone in a pocket is not “abuse”.

    • princesskooh - 9 years ago

      I remain highly skeptical of these bending claims and their cause and believe for the most part they to some extent the users faults. Just saying

      I agree though we shall see in due time

  26. Tom Who (@TommieWho) - 9 years ago

    Why should I be concerned that an expensive phone from Apple could bend and possibly break if I put it in my pocket? That’s absurd! Everyone knows the only way to carry an iPhone is to cradle it in both hands at all times. It’s a no-brainer.

  27. Arvin Liberato - 9 years ago

    No, it does not concern me. It’s not comfortable to sit on either my iPhone 4 or 5S. I’ve never made it a habit. I carry it in my back pocket but almost never sit with it in my back pocket. Why? it’s not healthy for your spine. So, once I sit down, I move it in my front pocket – lifestyle habits could avoid a lot of these “issues”

    • giskardian - 9 years ago

      Many of the bent 6+ reports indicate the phone was in a FRONT pocket when bent. You will have to stop putting your 6+ in ANY pants pocket when you sit down.

      Also, for your health, please do not keep your phone in your front pocket next to your balls. Cops who set their microwave radar guns between their legs have a high risk of testicular cancer. Those guns blast out more microwaves than an iPhone, but still, if you make a habit of carrying a little microwave generator next to your sack for your whole life, it may indeed put you at a higher risk for testicular cancer.

      • princesskooh - 9 years ago

        These people and the media NEED to STOP saying “FRONT” side or back pocketed bending I can totally see

        Pants as far as I’m aware including “skinny jeans” do NOT legitimately have front pockets and anything else that has actual front pockets should not be possible!

        Unless these persons are construction workers, or doing heavy manual labor or just being plain careless or lying it is inconceivable that these devices are suddenly bending.

        There are even videos showing how much pressure is needed for the bends to occur.

        It is also worth mentioning that the amounts of bends themselves so far seems negligible and not significant enough to pose a threat to device functionality or value

      • giskardian - 9 years ago

        The first report was from a guy who kept it in his front pocket when he went to a wedding, so he was probably wearing dress slacks.

  28. Ok…Ok… Maybe I’m the one guy who has a case on his 6+ thus allowing me to put it in my pocket without it bending. Also, when I get ready to sit down the phone comes out of my pocket automatically. If they would have never brought this up I would never know because all of my phones go in a case. I have dropped previous phones and because of the case they have gone undamaged. It just seems to me the simple solution is a thin case (I can’t stand those big bulky ones) and you can call it a day.

  29. al0963 - 9 years ago

    Nope, do i have to be concern when i drive every day so i dont have an accident? All i have to be is careful thats all!, its like everything else in the world, if i drop my laptop if i drop my plate, if i drop my glasses

  30. Eric Wang - 9 years ago

    Fact: every phone is bendable.

  31. rsnyder6 - 9 years ago

    Looking at the one photo, and other than a couple pictures that have gone viral, I don’t see much evidence of this (maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen it), how do you bend your phone 20 degrees in your pocket and not notice it is bending?

    Wouldn’t you notice it bent 10 degrees?

    It just seems a little fishy.

    • thislamp - 9 years ago

      I have a hunch that this has happened to an extremely small percentage of iPhone 6 Plus owners. As with these kinds of things, however, it just gets more attention than it deserves.

      • princesskooh - 9 years ago

        Agreed. I remain quite skeptical and yes media outlets and such seem to be hyping it up way too much

        I wouldn’t be fully surprised either for other companies as well as anti Apple folks to use this as a means to track the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus through the mud

      • kobymac - 9 years ago

        You have to also remember iphone 6 pluses are selling about as well as the iPhone 5c. …so you just have to wait. These bend tests show there is a weak spot in the design near the buttons that bends easily. Something apple can fix in future batches, but these initial batches will all have the design flaw.

    • princesskooh - 9 years ago

      agreed I’m quite skeptical

    • giskardian - 9 years ago

      Those who didn’t notice only had a slight curvature to the entire iPhone. That’s from front pocket stowage.

  32. Joseph (@joek1971) - 9 years ago

    Get OTTER CASE, and really people have nothing better to do? You cant bend phone in front pocket, they say it is in front pocket but really they sat on it. Like Bret said ” DONT SIT ON IT ” Not very hard to follow that concept. But people always need to complain about something.

    • princesskooh - 9 years ago

      Exactly this is what everyone at my job has been saying. Our company uses 98% iPhones and iDevices across the board and are in the process of upgrading especially older users

      We just don’t see this as possible to just happen without legit cause

  33. A Boeing 747 aluminium wings will flex&bend 2m at the tips during flight. It was designed that way.
    That dosen’t mean you should put a 747 in Godzillas pocket and sit.

    Same thing here -> Don’t mistreat your gear and it’ll work just fine.

    Incredible mega-douches with bent iPhones detected.

  34. Law (@rippinkitten18) - 9 years ago

    I pre ordered the ip6, but if I did indeed order the ip6+ It wouldn’t have been a concern, but good to know. Most people I know that owns a phablet does not put it in their pocket. but it is good to know, it will prep us to be careful, and to maybe buy a case. It will effect their sales a little, but not to the extent android lovers are hoping for.

  35. bb1111116 - 9 years ago

    My wife and I have our iPhones in cases and we do not put our phones in our pants pockets.
    – But I do know some people who use phones without a case and who keep their phones in their skinny pants pockets.
    So, my concern is this; my friends come to me about computer issues. I could see one of them telling me that their iPhone 6 bent and then complaining about Apple. And that is annoying.

  36. Toby! (@TrashGoblin) - 9 years ago

    Like my iPhone 5, my iPhone 6 will go directly from the box it comes in to a case. I’ll carry it in my front pocket if it’s not out on my desk. I don’t anticipate any problems. I know there are people who like to have a naked phone and carry it in their back pocket, and I get why this problem would frustrate them. I don’t know what solution to offer them other than to consider changing their habits or change their phone.

  37. Ahmad Fuad Adzmi - 9 years ago

    casing will not solve the issue?

  38. Luis Suarez - 9 years ago

    To me, the results of that poll show many f**king fanboys must visit this site, that they are willing to throw their money at the latest Apple product willingly accepting that it could bend. Some people even suggesting that they won’t be placing it in their front pockets, lmfao where else are you going to put your phone. You willing to make sacrifices after spending $700 on a mobile phone?

  39. Eric J. Wilson - 9 years ago

    I have to say that I am a little concerned. I treat my iPhone 5S like it is a delicate piece of high tech equipment. I never knew this was an issue. I am debating on getting one of the 6’s now, or waiting until the 6S’ come out. This bending issue has me thinking I’ll just wait until the 6S’ come out to see if Apple feels the need to address the issue.

    So yes, I guess it does concern me and is affecting my purchasing decision. Again, I’ve not had this problem or know anyone who has had this problem.

  40. aanngelc - 9 years ago

    If your going to put this expensive iPhone in your back pocket, you might want to purchase a Otterbox.

  41. don’t force a phablet in your tight jeans.

  42. Matt Witek (@mattwitek) - 9 years ago

    I understand that this is about people who had the iPhone 6 Plus in their front pocket, but… I usually keep my 5S in my back pocket. And yes, I sit on my phone for many hours a day and sometimes I leave it in my pocket while sitting on very hard surfaces like curbs and stuff. I have never shattered my phone, no cracks, bends, anything. I preordered the iPhone 6 Plus and hope that my luck will remain the same. I have had several previous generation iPhones replaced by apple no questions asked. The number is something like 14 iPhones and I’ve only paid for 4 of them. No accidental breakage fee, absolutely free. Just sign any do. They have never given me a problem and I anticipate that if I did run into trouble with a bent phone I anticipate the same results.

  43. John Smith - 9 years ago

    Serious if true.

    My default position is ‘never buy apple right away’ – let someone else buy the first ones and find out what is wrong with it. When apple fixes all the problems, then buy.

    Looks like I need to wait for the 6s

    I genuinely can’t understand why such a major company repeatedly can’t get it’s product testing right before release to the customer.

  44. Jack Burrows - 9 years ago

    I never keep my phone in my back pocket, but it’s the reports that people keeping them in their front pocket and them bending which worries me. I contacted Apple today to ask what they’d do if my phone bent after the 2 week return period, and they said they’d only replace or fix it – which is annoying, if the phone bends once I’d want to return it for a 6, instead of my current 6+. So, I’m wondering whether to send it back before the 2 week period has ended. Does anyone know if this news story has just blown out of proportion or not?

  45. foodie202 - 9 years ago

    I NEVER liked having my iPhone in my pocket – for many reasons, not least of all sitting on it. I have my iPhone 6 in a belt-clip case. Purse for those so inclined, either way – what I AM concerned about, is that this massive attention may give it a bad reputation like other things that people panic about. I know that Apple is working hard at stiffening the phone if they can, but let’s get real folks. This is an electronic device, not a hockey puck. It shouldn’t be used to dunk in your milk to fish the cookie out, and it should also not be used to wedge a door open. It should be handled with care – and all my iPhones were in protective cases, so when I resold them, I got max value for them because they were in flawless like-new condition while living an active lifestyle with 4 kids. A bit of uncommon sense, please – you can borrow some of mine.

  46. bronzit - 9 years ago

    The Media LOVES to report whatever ‘Bottom Feeders’ do to products produced by icon firms like Apple, Samsung, etc. An object the size & cost of an iPhone 6+ put into any bending pocket raises the question of the quality of the person doing it. There is a comment that seems to apply here: “You can’t fix stupid.”

    You also cannot protect people from themselves! Next up: Blame the manufacturer for it falling out of a shirt pocket while bending over, & breaking. I go with poll answer #1.

  47. leifashley - 9 years ago

    The amount of pressure it would take for you to bend this in any pocket would be noticeable to say the least.

    If you’re this rough on a phone, get an otter box. For the rest of us, my iPhone 6 with a bumper case has been in my back pocket a week with zero issues.

    These articles make me LOL

    • princesskooh - 9 years ago


      The word “Front” is being thrown around far too loosely here to boot! Wanna Know a Legit Front Pocket that is bend safe?

      A Little place called My Coat Pocket or my Work Shirt Front Pocket

      ALL These claims and Moans of “Build it better” or “people are taking care of the phones” or “It should withstand a Rhino Stampede and the pressure of the worlds most overweight people no problem” are Ridiculous.

      (Note Sarcasm for those that don’t get it )

      Adapt and learn how to take better care of your evolving $400 to $1000 Plus tech people instead of over Perpetuating Isolated problems that odds are can be avoided

      This thing has grown beyond Ridiculous in media, Social Networks and now business are Attacking the ” issue ” In their marketing already and Not just competitors. Utterly Ridculous

  48. Oflife - 9 years ago

    My LG G3 refuses to bend.

  49. I think this falls into the “you are too stupid to own a big phone” area. Common sense. But, the Samsung paid bloggers are in a frenzy and the Apple batters and haters have nothing better to do. Not a problem for me, I am loving my iPhone 6.

  50. Ryan Lounsbury - 9 years ago

    And that is why when I own an iPhone I’m on the “S” series.

  51. rettun1 - 9 years ago

    Somebody should start a business that expertly curves the phone any way you like it.

    Vertically in? Vertically out? How about horizontally? Or just the bottom third of the screen bending toward you! Move over Galaxy Edge, Round, and Note 4

  52. biaaatz - 9 years ago

    I got my iPhone 6 just 28 hours ago. It’s already bend.Not as hard than seen on the picture here. I had it in the front pocket of my pants. Im not wareing tight pants. I just had a regular office work day.

    This can’t be true. Its a frickin 700$ Phone. Its made for having it in the pocket. And No I don’t want a case. I bought the iPhone for the product design and the feeling to hold it in my hands.

    I found this tough:

  53. Marklewood at Serenity Lodge - 9 years ago

    Although it concerns me that a beloved Apple product would be this malleable and possibly be harmed by the “bending”, I don’t think it will impact me, because I no longer wear tight jeans . . . LOL. But, in retrospect, had I not already ordered my iPhone 6+, I might have waited a bit longer to see how Apple handles this. It seems implausible to me that Apple would not have tested the new iPhones and found this problem. Or that they did know about it and didn’t care because it isn’t really a problem. It’s confusing that such a phone would be released with this kind of hardware issue.

  54. stenar - 9 years ago

    I think this is a manufactured controversy. Every time a new Apple device comes out people try to manipulate the stock price/damage Apple’s brand by creating controversy. In the only video we’ve seen of someone bending the iPhone, it was already pre-bent. For all we know, he bent it in a vice first and then once it was weakened, he was able to bend it on video more with his bare hands.

    • FAME - 9 years ago

      We have a special corner reserved for you to go sit in, if you would kindly oblige..

  55. lakeofkarma - 9 years ago

    if your front pocket is bending phones, you have other things there (yes, thats exactly what i meant) to worry than your iphone getting bend!

  56. FAME - 9 years ago

    Morons. Front, back or side – the phone should be able to withstand pocket conditions. Far too many imbeciles making the dumbest and incomprehensible excuses for this obvious flaw in design. I will bet the majority of these people don’t own either of the new devices because no owner would be unconcerned over this issue and they would want this expensive investment to be able to withstand simple pocketing.

    Those suggesting we tip-toe around our ‘pocket devices’ need a serious intervention, it’s incompetent reasoning like that which has decayed the house-born concept of common sense. Anyone would think you people were raised on a cloud the way you project your idiocy and lack of thought over something you clearly don’t own and haven’t experienced – your opinions certainly do not reflect ownership, mostly stupidity.

  57. thislamp - 9 years ago

    Evidently, bent smartphones is not a new phenomena. See

    And that makes this whole issue much ado about nothing. We should just all remember to be careful with our expensive gadgets.

  58. kobymac - 9 years ago

    Remember though guys – the iPhone 6+ wasn’t released to copy Samsung – they were waiting until the technology existed so they “could get it right”. Like focus pixels, the flexible display has already been done…difference is those displays went back into shape.

  59. Normand Rolland - 9 years ago

    Introducing the Iphone 6S. It’s trendy, it’s bendy, it’s made of industrial strengh rubber. :-)

  60. princesskooh - 9 years ago

    @ Smigit while I’m glad you agree on 1 of my Points Learn what a “Front pocket” really is any seamstresss worth their Salt can tell you. Need I Really slap in Pics of Front Pockets and a Link to the definition of the word “Front”

    Pants Have Side and or Back Pockets end of story No matter the positions of them

  61. 2 easy solutions, 1. don’t sit on the $700+ piece of technology, 2 buy a rigid body case, you don’t have to get an otterbox defender but other cases can provide some extra rigidity, don’t be stupid people protect your investment, other people are idiots and damage is not always your fault.

  62. Matt van Andel - 8 years ago

    Just FYI, my iPhone 6 Plus came “bent” right out of the box. It has a subtle 1.5mm diagonal bend defect that causes it to teeter (from top-left to bottom-right) when placed face-down (that’s camera-up, btw) on a flat surface. It’s so subtle that you can’t tell just by looking at it, but it’s enough of a teeter that you can slide exactly 2 heavy stock business cards under it. That said, the carrier packaged the phone very poorly. The small iPhone box was completely loose inside a box 5x it’s side… no packing materials whatsoever for padding. No peanuts, no bubble wrap, no plastic bubbles, nothing. The iPhone box is banged up and scuffed, and looks like it had a very hard journey.

    • Thats a lie!
      Of COURSE all iPhones go through rigorous testing. Such a “mistake” would be easily noticeable.
      Naturally your iPhone is not “bent right out of the box”.