The Internet recently exploded with reports of the iPhone 6 Plus’ bendable body. Unofficially dubbed “Bendgate” this problem seems to occur when the device is in pockets and other tight areas that apply pressure on the chassis of the iPhone 6 Plus. This is probably a small issue when you look at the big picture and ones that other metal phones including previous iPhones also experience. Over 10 million iPhones have been sold since its Sept. 19 launch, but we’ve only seen a handful of legit Bendgate issues in the wild. The question is, does this actually bother you?

Mainstream media has been running wild with this “issue.” (It has even hit Snopes) We’ve seen #bendgate trending on Twitter and reports hitting global news outlets. Even a video published by Unbox Therapy showed how brittle the iPhone 6 Plus body can be when forcing it to bend. In comparison, other plastic smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 survived a “bend test” nearly unscathed. Are you concerned with Bendgate?


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