With Apple preparing to show off an updated lineup of iPads on Thursday, designer Martin Hajek has asked the question “What if the new iPad’s were to borrow the design language from the iPhone6/6+?” on his site. As he has done in the past, Hajek has mocked up some remarkable 3D renderings of how the theoretical Apple devices could appear.

While the new iPads this year are expected to largely appear unchanged physically, the iPhone 6-style iPads in Hajek’s renderings adopt the protruding camera lens, flash, and antenna bands as well as the completely curved edges from the latest iPhones.

Current generation iPads feature slightly chamfered edges on the front like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, but somewhat curved edges along the backside.

After using the iPhone 6 as well as my iPad Air since launch, I wouldn’t mind the tablets adopting a few design cues from the phone hardware, although I’d rather see the headphone jack and volume and power switches be placed more consistently myself.

You can see samples of Hajek’s design concept below, and check out his site for the full gallery.


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