Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine responded to a recent fine levied by the NFL against 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for wearing Beats headphones during a post-game interview. Iovine said that he was glad players considered Beats ‘cool’ and that the company had gotten millions of dollars worth of publicity out of the media coverage surrounding the ban and subsequent fine.

Iovine also recounted how the Beats brand got started when he ran into Dr. Dre on the beach one day. Dre told Iovine that his lawyer had suggested that he start a line of sneakers. Iovine told Dre that no one would buy his shoes, and told him that instead he should get into speakers and headphones, leveraging his fame as a music producer to back the quality.

Iovine also praised Apple’s decision to buy Beats as a “smart move” and compared it to hiring Angela Ahrendts to run the company’s retail arm.

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