Apple VP of iPhone and iOS Product Marketing Greg Joswiak appeared at Re/code’s Code/Mobile conference last month where he discussed various topics including Apple Pay and iOS 8.0.1’s botched rollout, and today Re/code has shared the complete video footage of that interview. During the discussion, Joswiak talked about the upcoming Apple Watch and other smartwatches, Apple’s approach to marketshare and why you shouldn’t expect a low quality phone from Apple, and more. We’ve embedded the video interview below. Previously, only short segments of Joswiak’s interview from the Code/Mobile conference were made available by Re/code.

The Apple VP’s interview came the same week that Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed as part of The Wall Street Journal’s Digital conference. The full video from Cook’s interview also including a discussion on Apple Pay and the Apple Watch as well as marketshare was recently made available for viewing in full as well.

Catch up on Joswiak’s Code/Mobile appearance below:

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