Sprint today announced it’s now offering an ‘iPad for Life Plan’, much like its similar offering for the iPhone, that allows customers to get an iPad for $0 down and monthly payments over the course of a 24 month lease. The deal is available for the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 with monthly payments varying depending on the storage capacity.

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Monthly payments for the 16GB models start at $20/month for the iPad Air 2 and $17/month for the iPad mini 3 and go up from there. “With our announcement of the iPad for Life Plan, Sprint is the only wireless carrier giving customers the ability to acquire an iPad Air 2 for only $20 per month or the iPad Mini 3 for only $17 per month with no out-of-pocket costs,” said Tom Roberts, senior vice president Marketing, Sprint. “And, with the iPad for Life Plan, customers can easily upgrade their tablet every two years.”

A breakdown of pricing for the various storage capacities is pictured in the graph above. For the 16GB model, a 24-month lease would work out to $480 before taxes and fees compared to the $629 the device retails for.

Like Sprint’s iPhone for Life plan, when the lease is up iPad users have the option of bringing the device back and leasing another, purchasing it outright, continuing to lease the device month-to-month, or cancelling service. Sprint notes that the iPads can be added to a Sprint Family Share Pack for $10/month per line, but the carrier is waiving that fee for iPads activated as a new line for plans 20GB or higher through December 2015. It’s also offering a new tablet plan for a limited time with 100MB for $10/month.

Sprint recently announced an updated ‘iPhone for Life’ leasing program with a new 12-month lease option that kicks in tomorrow.

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