New information discovered in the Sony Pictures data dump indicates that the loss of Leonardo DiCaprio for the lead role in the studio’s Steve Jobs biopic may have contributed to the decision to give the movie to Universal Pictures. According to Fusion, the film’s revenue projections dropped by a whopping 25% after Leo dropped out.

Soon reports claimed that Christian Bale would be taking up the role, but that ended up falling through as well. Most recently, actor Michael Fassbender is said to be up for the titular spot, though the movie is now being produced by Universal.

Now the movie has lost another potential cast member. Variety reports today that Natalie Portman has decided to pass on the chance to play Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

If Universal ever manages to finish it, the film will be written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle. Seth Rogen is currently reported to be up for the role of Steve Wozniak.

The movie will reportedly consist of three acts, each depicting in real-time the thirty minutes before Jobs introduced a game-changing product. While a few Sony scripts were also included in the leak, it doesn’t seem the Jobs biopic’s was among them.

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