Flyover Wellington New Zealand

Apple today added new additions to Flyover, the feature offering high resolution 3D imagery of select locales in its Maps app. The 11 new locations include cities from around the globe in places such as Puerto Rico, Texas, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Sweden, England, France, and Denmark.

A full list of new cities below:

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Amarillo, TX Arecibo, Puerto Rico Beziers, France Brno, Czech Republic Cittadella, Italy Clermont, France Hamburg, Germany Helsingborg, Sweden Liverpool, England Odense, Denmark

The 12 new cities added this week follow 9 new locations across the EU and U.S. that Apple added last month. Locations added in December included cities in France, Sweden, New Zealand, Wyoming, Arizona, and Arkansas.

Apple has a full list of cities with 3D imagery for the Flyover feature in Maps on its website.

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