It’s no surprise that the three major card companies in the US have been taking advantage of being the first with Apple Pay out the door and that the majority of their latest ads and promotions have centered around the new payment service. The latest comes from American Express with a just released ad focusing on highlighting Apple Pay as “The Next Evolution of Membership.”

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The ad is supposed to be a quick history lesson of sorts, showing the evolution of American Express by stitching together some of the company’s ads from over the years, many of which featured celebrities such as Tina Fey, Jackie Chan, and Jerry Seinfeld. The point of the ad is to showcase Apple Pay as the latest innovation for card tech, and it’s certainly interesting to see all of the card companies take a similar approach in their latest advertising (perhaps they are contractually obliged through deals with Apple).

The other card companies have launched similar campaigns for Apple Pay with MasterCard’s most recent being a promotion to bring the payment service to the PGA Tour. MasterCard, Chase, and others have aired their own commercials in the past focusing on Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is now available through Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards issued by over 60 banks and credit unions in the US.

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