Apple has asked developers who attended secretive Apple Watch app development workshops in Cupertino across January and February to hold off on announcing their applications, according to multiple high-profile developers. These people say that Apple has asked developers to not provide in-depth details, revealing screenshots and videos, or launch information about their applications until after the event at the very least. In some cases, Apple has even asked developers to wait until late March or early April to announce their applications…

Apple asking developers to hold off on their announcements represents another move from a company keen on controlling the complete message for their product introductions. On Monday, March 9th, Apple will expose several upcoming WatchKit applications, and it strongly appears that Apple wants to direct the apps message instead of letting its developers do the marketing. Another developer source who attended the workshops in Cupertino says that Apple asked developers for a copy of any code or design materials to “prepare material for their keynote and press media to show a healthy [Apple Watch apps] ecosystem at launch.”

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