Reader Mark Davies went into the Berlin Apple Store this morning to try on the Apple Watch/Sport models but got a little surprise from the employees. Here’s the first hand account…

So I go to the Apple store here in Berlin thinking I made an appointment to see the Sport and Apple Watch editions. When I get there, they check me in and tell me to wait in the line. When my turn comes a really nice Apple employee asks me which models of the Edition I would like to see. I was surprised obviously, and explained that there is no way I would consider buying one with the price. He proceeds to let me try on the Sport and Watch versions and walks me through the demos. Then he asks if I still want to see the Edition models. I say, “sure, why not”…

He tells me to wait in the corner near the accessories and says he will be back in a minute. He comes back with two boxes (blue leather) and says to follow him (with a security guard in tow) upstairs. We take an elevator and walk through a very beautiful hall to a large conference room where a small leather mat is waiting at the table. He explains the packaging. Leather box, with a magnetic lid, and built in lightning adaptor for easy charging (i neglected to get a picture of it).

He lets me try it on and it is significantly heavier than either the sport or stainless steel models. There didn’t seem to be a time limit on how long I can stay (I wasn’t rushed at all even though I had no intent of buying one). I was allowed to take pictures of the watch, room and anything else I wanted to but not the employees.

It felt strange and I can’t help but think that a serious watch buyer would be a little put off by the process. I felt special, but I seriously doubt that someone willing to spend $17,000 on a watch would feel special in the same set of circumstances. There was nothing special about the Apple employee. Just another employee who actually seemed a little nervous. Like he felt almost out of place handling this pricey item.

It was a fun day and I will be buying a Sport edition maybe with model 2 or later in the year.

Have a great launch day.

… One more thing: I also asked about the new MacBook. They did not have a demo model on hand. I was a little surprised by this. I asked why and he said it “didn’t arrive in time”. I thought that was very strange. A global operation like Apple and they can’t get it there for launch day. He said, “maybe tomorrow“. Weird.

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