You’ve probably seen a dozen celebrity endorsements of the Apple Watch by now ahead of its official ship date to customers in one week, but the latest photos shared by famed rugby player and captain turned cyclist Will Carling give us the first look at the power adapter expected to be included with the device in the United Kingdom.

Taking on a design similar to travel-specific UK power adapters, the Apple Watch’s wall wart appears to feature a folding design for each prong making it more compact when toting it in your bag or suitcase – presumably lifting the main (earth) prong lifts the others. As Carling exclaims in his tweet sharing the shot of the adapter, it is a ‘clever’ design for a plug. Perhaps we’ll see this design appear in other product plugs in the UK?

Carling also demonstrates the steel version of the Apple Watch paired with a colorful Sport band — he says it’s red and much of the Internet seems to see it. Personally, I’m leaning heavily toward settling on his band being the pink version of the Sport band… it looks very close to pink Sport band product shots on Apple’s website (oh no, it’s The Dress all over again).

Apple Watch - pink or red?

Not to discredit Mr. Carling, but the bottom band is clearly being worn upside down exposing the M/L sizing mark (okay, that’s better). Or maybe Apple told him it was red and the unannounced color option does exist? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen customized Apple Watches from Apple and friendsUpdate: Red, navy, light pink, and more custom Sport bands on display in Milan, Italy.

The Apple Watch has been available for pre-order since last Friday, and will begin shipping in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan in one week.

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