Randy Ubillos has today announced his retirement from Apple. Ubillos has worked at Apple for over twenty years, leading development on Final Cut Pro and newer versions of iMovie and iPhoto, part of Apple’s iLife suite. Offically, Ubillos was Chief Architect of Photo and Video Applications. Most notably in recent years, Ubillos headed the project to bring some of the latest iMovie concepts back to Apple’s professional software suite. This resulted in Final Cut Pro X.

Ubillos also led development of Apple’s creative pursuits on iOS, with versions of iMovie and iPhoto designed for the touchscreen experiences of the phone and tablet.

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Before Apple, Ubillos played a key role in creating Adobe Premier, the timeline-based video editor. Apple hired him away from Adobe to work on its digital video initiatives.

Apple’s reliance on professional apps has greatly diminished in recent years with the success of its consumer devices. Even iPhoto has been usurped by the simplified Photos app in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Although Apple claims it remains dedicated to the pro market, it’s clearly not the direction of the company.

Yesterday, Apple also announced the retirement of senior PR representative Natalie Kerris, another long time employee.

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