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There’s certainly a benefit to Apple’s use of sapphire crystal on Apple Watch. It’s extremely scratch resistant (even though stainless steel may not be) and will hold up over time, but how does it compare to sapphire crystal used in traditional watches? In a new video published by Unbox Therapy, Apple Watch was put up against a Tissot watch to see if Apple’s standards for sapphire crystal match up with traditional watchmakers….

The test was performed with a diamond tester, which tests the conductivity of various materials, but usually for evaluating jewelry. Standard glass will not provide a reading with the diamond tester, while sapphire crystal (or other gems) will provide a readout based on its conductivity. That being said, there’s no better way to evaluate the sapphire crystal’s authenticity on Apple Watch and compare it to high-end analog watches.

Check out the video below for a closer look at the test and results:

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