Christy Turlington Burns has posted her final installment of the Apple Watch blog series she has been writing for the past seven weeks, tracking her use of Apple Watch to train for a personal best in the London marathon. The marathon was on Sunday and Burns managed to beat her record by seventeen minutes.

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In total, Apple Watch tracked 26.44 miles through the marathon with Burns clocking in a time of 3 hours, 47 minutes. According to the Watch, she burnt 1717 calories on the workout — she describes it as the “best Workout summary ever”.

In the closing remarks, Burns says that the Watch is the perfect tool for “improving your health and fitness” with “setting small goals, then working patiently to meet them.” Naturally, these comments aren’t really a surprise given how the blog is endorsed.

You can listen to Burns discuss her marathon training in more detail in a podcast interview hosted by Apple’s Jay Blahnik.

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