File sharing service Droplr announced today that it is launching new versions of both of its apps alongside a freemium account option. Users will now be able to sign up and use Droplr to share large files for free, but will only be able to store their files for one week. After that, the links will expire. Users subscribed the Droplr Pro service will be able to keep their files forever, and will get access to other settings to customize the file sharing process.

Along with the new account types comes a family of redesigned applications to support them. The iOS app, seen above, has been reworked with support for the latest iOS features, such as sharing extensions. When you upload a file through the iOS app, it will immediately be pushed to the Mac app, or vice versa.

A “share screenshot” feature will automatically find the screenshots in your photo library and list them in chronological order for quick uploading. Users will also now be able to upgrade to a Droplr Pro account directly in the app through an in-app purchase. The app will run across all iOS devices, including the latest iPhones and iPads.

The Mac application has also been updated to support the new freemium accounts, screencast recording with video and GIF export, the ability to generate embed codes for your files, and more.

Users who want to save some money on their Droplr Pro accounts will be able to refer friends to the service and earn $10 credits toward a subscription. Each annual subscription is $99.99, while a monthly option is also available for $9.99.

Annual Droplr Pro subscriptions will cost only $59.99 for the next month as part of a launch special the company is running.

You can download Droplr for iOS from the iTunes Store, and Droplr for Mac on the Mac App Store. Both apps are available for free.

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