With the HealthDash app, an alternative dashboard for Apple’s own Health app, Apple Watch users can view more health and fitness data points captured from Apple’s HealthKit platform, as well as a history of stats, right on their wrist.

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Apple’s health and fitness experience is a somewhat fragmented one across iPhones and Apple Watch. Apple Watch adds Activity and Workout apps to keep track of workouts and view exercise and movement data throughout the day, but the full Health app only appears on iPhone.

That means not all of the stats available in Apple’s Health app on iPhone, its platform for syncing and viewing health and fitness stats from apps and connected accessories, appears on the Apple Watch. But with HealthDash, you’ll be able to view more Health stats directly on your Watch as well as past stats for This Week, This Month, and This Year.

Apple’s Activity app on the Apple Watch shows active calories, total steps, and total distance, but The HealthDash app adds step count, distance for running + walking, dietary calories, flights climbed, and cycling distance to the list. It’s still only a portion of the stats that Apple’s Health app is capable of tracking, but the app will also continue adding more Health data points including heart rate, weight, body mass index, workouts, and sleep analysis.

It’s always possible Apple could add a full-fledged Health app to Apple Watch, but for now you’re limited to the day’s stats in Activity without using a third-party solution like HealthDash.

The HealthDash app is available for $1.99 on the App Store.

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